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After 30 Years, Blind Golfer Aces Course

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: The following article is re-printed from the Tallahassee Democrat, August 18, 2001.

Hole Truth: Bob Andrews jokes that everyone, including him, will just have to accept the word of his golfing buddy Bill Mormile.

"When he said the ball was in the hole, I didn't believe him," said Andrews. "It was just the two of us out there, so you've got a blind guy as a witness." Actually, what we have is a blind golfer who just made a hole-in-one after 30 years of roaming country-club courses. The two were playing the South Course at Killearn. On the 131-yard, No. 3 hole, Mormile followed the usual routine of lining up Andrews for a high-percentage shot. "It's a pear-shaped hole and the pin was placed in what would be the neck of the pear," Mormile said. "It would have been foolish to aim for the pin."

That's where the ball headed, though, after the 56-year-old Andrews took a cut with his 7-iron. "I said, 'Bob, you pulled it a little bit, but the good thing is it is heading for the pin. All I saw was the ball take one bounce."

Mormile's shot? It landed in the sand trap in front of the green. It took some convincing to get Andrews to believe he had done more than avoid similar trouble. "When he said he didn't see the ball, I thought I had hit it long," said Andrews.

"I had to walk him to the hole so he could get the ball himself," Mormile said. "I've still got chills." The two were playing a best-ball format and finished with a 40. Andrews, who normally tours the course in triple digits, followed his ace with a double-bogey on the par-4 No. 4 hole.

"Needless to say the driver was going a little too fast on that hole," said Andrews. "But for me, a double bogey is not bad." By the way, the outing was unscheduled. "Bill just called me up and asked if I wanted to play. I told him, 'Sure, why not?'

Why not, indeed.

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