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Ray Charles Slots Cater to Blind

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: The following article is re-printed from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 4, 2002

LOS ANGELES - Music legend Ray Charles is coming to a casino near you

The blind entertainer is lending his name to the first series of slot machines for the visually impaired. The Bally Gaming Systems machines, which include audio cues and a Braille button deck, are being shipped this month

"This makes so much sense because you can do whatever you want by yourself. Independence is a helluva thing," Charles said in a statement issued here Wednesday

The slot machine models include an "America the Beautiful"-themed machine featuring the 71-year-old Charles and "The Paylettes." His recording "America the Beautiful" is 30 years old

A full press release from the company talking about this product receiving an access award from the AFB is at:

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