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Some NFB:AE Activities

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: These are some of the activities the board of directors has been spearheading since the last AGM. Although it has appeared on the surface that it has been quiet, the NFB:AE has been very busy in a number of areas

  • Subsequent to a meeting with representatives from the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), and at their request securing a letter of endorsement from the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), the NFB:AE were approved for membership on the Board of the CCD. This successful result is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals since the resolution was passed by the membership in 1999 to gain membership within CCD. We will work hard to bring the issues concerning blind and partially sighted Canadians to the attention of all Council members, at the same time recognizing and working within a collective to further advance the broader Disability rights' Agenda

  • Many are familiar with Web 4 All, a project sponsored by Industry Canada. Richard Marion was appointed as the NFB:AE representative on the Advisory Committee to this project. As a result, he decided to step down from the Canadian transportation Agency Advisory Committee. Mike Yale will represent the NFB:AE on both the ACAT and CTA Committees

  • A letter of support for the Web 4 All project was submitted to the Honourable Allan Rock, Minister of Industry Canada. In this letter, we encouraged the federal government to ensure this technology continues to get the resources it needs to implement its use across Canada

  • the NFB:AE web site is undergoing some changes in appearance, and content. Recently under the direction of Corry Stuive, and with Chris Gaulin as our Webmaster, we sincerely hope all will appreciate the new look and the greater ease of navigating this new dynamic looking website

  • In June, the NFB:AE submitted further comments on the review of the Blind Persons' Rights Act in Alberta. Our commentary responded to the many proposals in the report to The Minister of Community Development. The report is available at our National Office or on our website

  • Efforts are underway to secure funding to enable NFB:AE to organize and host a forum of representatives from consumer organizations "of" the blind from across Canada. The object is to identify/develop an appropriate framework for national consensus, and prioritize a list of issues and needs for concentrated work

  • IN June CNIB released the consultation document on developing a New Canadian Standard for Accessible Pedestrian Signals. The timeline for input into this consultation is October 25. The report is available on the web at

Copies of the report can be obtained from Lesley crader, who is the project coordinator By telephone at (416)480-7016, or By Email at

  • IN Early May the NFB:AE wrote to the BC Ministry of Health expressing concerns about opticians performing regular sight testing. As a result of this letter, we received draft changes in the health regulations to clarify the role of opticians in eye examinations. At our May AGM, we passed a resolution opposing opticians performing site testing for the purposes of writing prescriptions for contact lenses or eye glasses. As a result, this resolution was forwarded to the BC Ministry of health and a short letter was attached explaining our position on this issue

  • A letter was sent to Canada's major banks asking for their plans concerning ATMs in Canada. To date, three replies have been received, and follow up is being initiated

  • The Publications Committee has met and established themes for the next three issues: Travel/2002 AGM, Building a National Consensus, and health.

  • Revised criteria for the NFB:AE's 2003 Scholarship Program has been distributed. Three scholarships of $1,500 each will be offered in 2003: the T-Base Communications' Business, Education and Technology Scholarship, the Alan H. Neville Memorial Scholarship and the NFB:AE National Achievement Scholarship

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