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CBM v. 14 - Canada's Consumer Movement

  1. Forging a New Consensus - John Rae
  2. United We Stand: Is The Blindness Community Really a "we?" The Answer Is Yes! - Charles H. Crawford
  3. Mentors: The Crucial Elements in Self-Advocacy Training - Teddie Remhild
  4. Highlights of Recent NFB:AE Activities
  5. The Canadian Council of The Blind An Abbreviated History - Gordon Dingle
  6. Introducing Guide Dog Users of Canada! - Devon Wilkins
  7. The Canadian National Society of The Deaf-Blind (Cnsdb) - Jane Sayer
  8. Resource Centre For Manitobans Who Are Deaf-Blind - Jane Sayer
  9. Low Vision Self-Help Association - Irene Lambert
  10. The Inter-Organizational Access Committee (Ioac) - Ainley Bridgeman
  11. Advocates For Sight Impaired Consumers - Rita Dilek
  12. Disability Agenda: First Ministers' Last Priority? - SHERRI TORJMAN
  13. Disabled Losing Ground in Battle For Equality
  14. Knocking Down Barriers
  15. Mentoring Program
  16. The Ontarians With Disabilities Act - Barbara Anello
  17. Unlocking Doors For The Disabled: a Year After Tories Passed Disability Law, Progress Has Been Spotty At Best - David Lepofsky
  18. Blinding Grinding Poverty - Marie and Chris Stark
  19. Some Surveys of Poverty Among Blind Canadians
  20. Disablement and Feminization of Poverty - Maria Barile
  21. A New Era of Insecurity - Barry Murdoch
  22. Council of Canadians With Disabilities: Working For Human Rights - April D'Aubin
  23. Ccd's Advocacy on Immigration Issues - April D'Aubin
  24. More Drama Than Truth in Healthcare Crisis - Larry Brown
  25. Accessible Voting Succeeds in Florida - Deanie Lowe and Doug Hall
  26. About Neads
  27. Nationwide Shortage of Teachers For Blind Students Must Be Corrected - John M. Williams
  28. The Blind Leading The Blind Or How to Be Blind Without Sighted Help - Tom Brennan
  29. "sticks and Stones" But Words Are Hurting! - Jane Campbell
  30. The Culture of Blindness - Alyssa Hopfe
  31. Treat People With Disabilities as Whole Persons, Not Charity Cases - The Roeher Institute
  32. Becoming An Ally
  33. Resolution Unanimously Adopted By The World Blind Union, Wbu
  34. Israeli Organization of Disabled Persons Holds 77 Day "sit-In" About Benefits - Mike Ervin
  35. No Ban on Guide Dogs Under Islamic Law
  36. Disabled Peoples' International Sapporo Declaration
  37. Employment Equity in Real Terms