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Resolution Unanimously Adopted By The World Blind Union, Wbu

At its Executive Committee meeting held in Mumbai India, March, 16-17 2002 Addressing the United Nations General Assembly Special Session UNGASS on Children, May 2002

The World Blind Union appreciates and endorses the work already completed on behalf of the rights of children with disabilities by the:

  1. The Child Rights Caucus,

  2. The Working Group on the Rights of the Disabled Child RDC,

  3. The statement presented by the International Disability Alliance IDA

  4. The Resolution from the World Blind Union Committee on Children

The above groups have prepared statements to be considered in the outcome document "A World Fit for Children".

And further, the World Blind Union proposes that due consideration be = given to the unique needs of blind and partially sighted children in the = outcome document. These issues particular to blind children include, but = are not limited to, the following:

  1. Early identification and referral for preventable forms of childhood blindness.

  2. Prevention by actions directed to vitamin A deficiency, treatment of congenital cataract and retinopathy of prematurity, and serious refractive error.

  3. WBU strongly condemns any eugenic laws or practices limiting the rights of blind women to give birth or preventing the birth of any child who may be born blind.

  4. Early intervention services, health service and technical support to parents and family members with blind children.

  5. Fostering awareness of the profound impact of blindness on child development.

  6. Availability of a continuum of types of educational opportunities including full inclusion, partial inclusion, and special schools for blind children and youth.

  7. Equal access to all learning materials.

  8. Braille literacy for all blind children.

  9. Provision of large print materials and low vision aids and devices for children who are partially sighted.

  10. Equal treatment for blind and partially sighted boys and girls.

The World Blind Union representatives to this historic meeting will speak on behalf of blind children and the position of the World Blind Union Children's Committee.

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