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2003 Scholarship Winners

Editor's Note: Image: A photo of Alan Neville, with the accompanying text: The late Alan Neville is remembered and celebrated through a Memorial Scholarship.

This year's winner of the Business, Education and Technology Scholarship, funded by T-Base Communications, is Tejinder Kaur from Mississauga, Ontario. She is studying at Sheridan College to be a Human Resources Professional, and is a single mother who emigrated from India to escape a life of violence and to seek a better life for her family. In her spare time, she works at a battered women's shelter helping others. Tejinder is committed to reaching her goals.

John Robert Doyle is awarded the Alan H. Neville Memorial Scholarship. He lives in LaSalle, Quebec studying Education at McGill. He aims to become a high school teacher and ultimately Professor of Mathematics. Battling complications from juvenile diabetes, he graduated from Dawson College with a 94% average, and his academic success continues at McGill. John Robert enjoys community service, and his loving, supportive family means everything to him.

The NFB:AE National Achievement Scholarship goes to Chris Riccomini, who lives in Sarnia, Ontario, and who was finishing high school at the W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford when scholarships were awarded. In the fall, he will be attending a university Music Therapy program. Chris has been active in co-op, student government and yearbook production, as well as volunteering at a French Immersion school and at Victims' Services. Battling vision loss and then leukemia, he has found strength in the people and experiences he has known.

Fiona Chow is the recipient of a fourth NFB:AE Scholarship. She attends the Masters program in Vocal Performance and Music Theory at Mannes College in New York City. Although a graduate of the University of British Columbia, she accepted a place at the American school, which focuses on her talent and not her congenital facial anomalies. Ineligible for American scholarships, furthermore, she has worked to fund her living and education expenses. She has taught piano and singing, and has already sung professionally. Fiona believes that adversity has made her Stronger, and is hoping to return to Canada after finishing her degree.

Congratulations to all!

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