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German Company Invents Talking Washing Machine

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A German company has built the world's first washing machine that talks and recognises spoken commands.

The machine introduces itself to users as "Hermine".

Speech recognition software allows it to understand even complex commands like: "Pre-wash, then a hot wash at 95 degrees, spin at 1400 rotations, and start in half an hour."

Speaking in a friendly woman's voice, Hermine also gives advice on which washing agent to use or how to get chewing gum or wax stains out.

To those who have never done their own laundry before, she explains how to sort clothes and how to load the machine.

Hermine is based on a Siemens washer and was developed by Speech Experts, a company based in Regensburg.

The machine will be introduced at Hanover's Cebit fair, which starts on Wednesday, March 12.

Company spokeswoman Angelika Salmen says they will use the fair to gauge public interest.

"If people buy our product, it will go into mass production," she told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.


A company based in Germany had developed a talking washing machine. Already some companies had introduced this technology, but this one got much advanced features than those. It got a database of over 1000 sounds, which makes it different from others.

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