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CBM v. 16 - Health and Well Being

  1. Editorial: Protecting Canada's Health Care System - John Rae
  2. Independent Living & Medical Model of Disability - Simon Brisenden
  3. The Social Model of Disability Explained
  4. My Name Is Greg Snider: I Have a Disability - Greg Snider
  5. Disabled People Speak on The New Genetics - DPI Europe
  6. Genetic Engineering Is Disabling - Sal Vella
  7. Physician-Assisted Death: Disturbing Developments - Mel Graham
  8. Reflecting on Fear of Blindness - Seville Allen
  9. Tales From The Blindness Closet - Julie Sanfacon
  10. Canada's Medicare System: It's All About Equality - Derek Fudge
  11. Quality Public Home Care and Home Support Services: It's All About Equality For Persons With Disabilities - Derek Fudge
  12. Now, Medical Waiting Lists Include Health Care Reform: Proposed Changes Collecting Dust; Ottawa, Provinces Blamed For Delay - Thomas Walkom
  13. Ageism in Health Care Is Really Hidden Rationing - Judy Gerstel
  14. Boomers Beware: People With Disabilities Falling Between The Cracks
  15. Disabled and Poor in Canada: Many Lack Post-Secondary Education, Employment - Steve Arnold
  16. Healthy People 2010 Goals Include People With Disabilities
  17. An Overview of Common Eye Conditions - Sara Bennett
  18. Eye Doctor Appointment Checklist
  19. Unrestricted Vision - Lisa McGauley
  20. Differences in Brain Usage Among Braille Readers Shed Light on Relationship Between Thought, Language
  21. Eye Cells May Help Regulate Body's Clock - Sandra Blakeslee
  22. Colour Perception in The Brain Unlocked
  23. Recovering Vision No Overnight Blessing - Jay Ingram
  24. Blind Women At Lower Breast Cancer Risk
  25. Rejection Massively Reduces Iq - Emma Young, Blackpool
  26. 10 Tips For Mental Health
  27. Fighting Mental Illness
  28. Depression and Disability: What You Should Know
  29. From Here to There: But How? - Sara Bennett
  30. The Adjustment Process - Lisa McGauley
  31. One in Four on Disability Has Mental Disorder - Eric Beauchesne
  32. Feeling Fine? You Obviously Need Medication - Linwood Barclay
  33. Braille Medicine Labels Introduced in Korea
  34. Talking Prescriptions Help "read" Labels - Susan Lang
  35. Barriers Are Toppling For Medical Students With Physical Disabilities - Linda Villarosa
  36. Is The Internet Creating a New Gap Between Physicians and Patients? - Andrew Freeway
  37. The Promise of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy - Julius Debuschewitz
  38. Thinking and Living Proactively With Diabetes - William F. Schley
  39. Health Clubs - Maggy Bower
  40. Black Belt-White Cane - Jody W. Ianuzzi
  41. My Inner Voice - Anu Pala
  42. International Corner:a German Voyager's Bold Vision For Tibet's Blind - Jim Yardley
  43. Deaf-Blind Children to Present Charter to Government
  44. Highlights of Recent NFB:AE Activities
  45. New Resources