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Back Cover Description:

The back cover of this issue of the CBM features a collage of twelve photos and images which overlap each other, and are roughly organized into four rows.

Top Row Left: NFB:AE President, and CBM Editor-In-Chief, John Rae at the 2004 NFB:AE Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon, SK. In this photo, John is giving the annual president report, the notes of which are available in this issue of the CBM.

Top Row Second from the Left: Writer, activist and former board member, Diane Dobson in Victoria, B.C. Diane uses a wheelchair as a result of a stroke at age 45, and 10 years later, lost her sight due to diabetes. She is an active advocate of seniors, people with disabilities, and others who have been marginalized by present socio-economic and political forces. Diane I Didnt Volunteer; I was Drafted! appears in this issue, as well as an article written about Diane (and others) experiences with sidewalks made inaccessible by sandwich boards.

Top Row Right: NFB:AE Public Information Coordinator Geoff Fierce, and Marlene Diehl, along with Sammy, Geoff guide dog. Geoff and Marlene were married in Winnipeg on July 24, and this photo is a wedding photograph. Marlene is wearing a beautiful sleeveless white gown, and holding red roses. Geoff is wearing a white suit and holding a cowboy hat.

Second Row from the Top, Left: NFB:AE Fund Developer Karen Leboe, at the 2003 annual Central Okanagan Chapter of the NFB:AE Christmas party.

Second Row from the Top, Second to the Left: (Left) NFB:AE National Secretary, Marcia Cummings, (Centre) National Vice President Penny Leclair (pre-election) and (Right) Administrative Assistant, Monika Penner, at the 2004 NFB:AE Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon, SK. In this photo, Marcia, Penny and Monika are seated at lap top computers. Marcia takes minutes of the meeting, and Penny (who is deaf-blind) reads the notes Monika is taking, on Penny laptop, through a Braille Lite machine.

Third Row from the Top, Left: NFB:AE Bookkeeper Lois Benko at the 2003 annual Central Okanagan Chapter of the NFB:AE Christmas party.

Third Row from the Top, Centre: The checkered eye emblem. It is a simple design of an eye with a black and white checkered iris. It also bears the text "LOW VISION". The background is white, the outline, emblem and text are black. The purpose of this lapel pin is to allow partially sighted persons to identify themselves as such, without using a white cane (which may not be practical for persons who use wheel chairs, etc.) More information on the checkered eye project is available on-line at or by phoning Libby Thaw at (519)389-4956.

Third Row from the Top, Right: NFB:AE member Anthony Tibbs using a lap top computer. His guide dog watches dutifully. Anthony was the recipient of the NFB:AE 2002 Business, Education and Technology Scholarship. He is entering his third year of the Bachelor of Commerce Honours program. His article Opening Doors is featured in this issue.

Bottom Row, Left: Phil Wiseman, and his guide dog, Hart. Phil Wiseman is the former President of the NFB:AE Toronto Chapter, and its current Vice President. He is featured in Meet Phil Wiseman and Hart and authors a write-up of the NFB:AE 2004 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which are both featured in this issue.

Bottom Row, Second from Left, Top: NFB:AE 2004 AGM organizers Judy Prociuk and Robin East, receiving thanks for all of their hard work. Judy is the secretary of the Saskatoon chapter of the NFB:AE; she writes about this chapter activities, in this issue of the CBM. Robin is on the National board of directors, and is president of the Saskatoon chapter.

Bottom Row, Second from Left, Bottom: Close up image of fingers on a braille lite machine. This machine enables people to read computer documents, items from the Internet, and so forth, through a braille machine.

Bottom Row, Right: Advocates and NFB:AE members, Chris Stark and Marie Stark, and guide dogs Ritchie and Zena, vacationing. Chris and Marie are frequent contributors to the CBM, and are featured in this issue as writers of Advocacy and Personal Empowerment, as well as in the article, Legal Group Takes on Phone Firms Over Lack of Accessibility.

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