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Front Cover Description:

This issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor has a sky blue cover. Similar to previous issues, it has the title Canadian Blind Monitor at the very top, in a large, bold font. Below the title, it reads in smaller text,Voice of the National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality and issue volume number (18) and date (Summer/Fall 2004). Just below this text are four photos.

The top left photo features three women and a dog in Okanagan Lake, Kelowna B.C. Denise Sanders (left) is the National Treasurer of the NFB:AE, former president of the Central Okanagan chapter, and also volunteers with the mentorship program. She is holding her dog, Trixie, who is a beautiful golden-coloured hair mixed breed (including Shelty and Labrador). Joyce Mainland (center) is an active member of the NFB:AE, treasurer and secretary of the Central Okanagan chapter, and mother of Sarah Mainland (right). Sarah is also an NFB:AE member, and student at Okanagan University College. Sarah, Joyce and Denise co-wrote Mentor, Mentee and Mom Makes Three in this issue.

The bottom left photo is of Peg Mercer reading resolutions at the 2004 NFB:AE Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon, SK. Peg is an active member of the NFB:AE, and treasurer of the Vancouver chapter.

The bottom middle photo is of Doreen Neville, who is holding the 2003 annual CCD award given to her late husband, Alan Neville. Alan was a co-founder of the NFB:AE and Vice-President of the Central Okanagan chapter. This photo was taken during the Central Okanagan Chapter of the NFB:AE annual Christmas Party.

The large right hand photo features active NFB:AE member and creator of the Checkered Eye Lapel Pin, Libby Thaw. The checkered eye emblem is one of the many images on the back cover of this magazine. In this front cover photo, Libby is juggling three multi-coloured balls.

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