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Organizing in Collingwood

On Saturday, July 3, 2004, I journeyed north to conduct an information meeting in the central Ontario town of Collingwood. After the work of the NFB:AE was outlined, a discussion of local issues took place, which produced a list of topics for possible work in the town and surrounding area. These issues included expanding public transportation within the town, audible traffic signals, improving winter snow removal, influencing the town's accessibility plan, and improving the level of awareness among the local police.

The classic question of how to organize was then discussed--whether to seek additional members and hold another meeting to consider forming a Chapter or form the Chapter then and there, announce its existence, and invite others to come out and join in the work. In the end, the latter approach was adopted, a motion was passed to form the Collingwood Chapter, and Devon Wilkins was elected President, Mary Weldon Vice President, and Shirley Jarman Secretary- Treasurer.

We are all delighted to welcome Collingwood to our growing organization.

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