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Editor's Note: *Image: Individuals organizing an Ottawa chapter of the NFB:AE

In order for a chapter to develop, it takes a purpose, initiative, communication, encouragement and a willingness to grow together.

For many years, the thought of starting a chapter in the Ottawa Gatineau area has existed. This year, a group of enthusiastic and eager individuals came together to seriously examine the possibility. As a result of several meetings, with encouragement from National President, John Rae, and great discussions taking place throughout each meeting, it was decided to form the Ottawa-Gatineau Chapter.

This process wouldn't have taken place without people's commitment, willingness to take the plunge, and offered expertise. If everyone contributes their share of valuable time, a Chapter can come together and develop.

With everyone's support, I was willing to assume the role of Chapter President, and the group has decided to assist with organizing our 2005 Conference.

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