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Saskatoon Chapter

Editor's Note: *Image: From left to right, Saskatoon Chapter?s Beryl Williams (Secretary), Judy Prociuk (Secretary) and Robin East (President). Beryl, Judy and Robin are being thanked for all of the hard work they put into the 2004 AGM in Saskatoon, SK.

The Saskatoon Chapter of the NFB:AE was established in January, 2003. At present, there are ten active and eight supporting members. The Executive was expanded at the 2004 AGM to include a member at large. The Executive is comprised of: Robin East, President; Beryl Williams, Treasurer; Judy Prociuk, Secretary; Monique Lalonde, Member at large.

The Saskatoon Chapter recognizes improved attitudes towards Blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted passengers who travel on Saskatoon city transit, and it has sent a letter to the city recognizing this improvement. At the 2004 AGM, also, the city engineer responsible for installing audible signals was an invited guest and gave members an update on progress of planned installations.

We sent a letter to acknowledge increased access to voting in the last municipal election, as the city provided braille templates.

The Saskatoon Chapter intends to actively pursue the current status of accessible banking machines at local branches of all national banks, as well as credit unions.

We also intend to carry out some public awareness and education this September.

The Saskatoon Chapter is looking forward to having its own space on the NFB:AE website so that local events can be posted.


Hi, I interviewed Robin East at your annual conference in Kelowna this May. We parted without my having his email address. Can you pass a message on to him to contact me or send me his address? I'd be grateful. Maggie

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