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CBM v. 19 - Art and Attitude

  1. Front Cover Description:
  2. Editorial: The Arts--A New Vehicle For Social Change - John Rae and Sara Bennett
  3. Alive: An Exhibition of Artistic Work and Performance By Persons With Disabilities - Catherine Frazee
  4. In Memoriam: Ray Charles - John Rae
  5. Another Way of Seeing - Deborah Kent Stein
  6. Imagining Life Underwater a New Audio Tour Opens The National Aquarium in Baltimore to The Visually Impaired - Ilene Hollin
  7. Talking Labels Installed At Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
  8. Tactile Access Is Still Tops For Blind Patrons - John Rae
  9. Change Your Attitude First! - Uzma Khan
  10. Attitude Counts! - Erin Lewy
  11. Drawn Into The Open - Sara Bennett
  12. Tactile Colour: Please Do Touch - Linda Bartram
  13. Watercolouring Outside The Lines - Chrissy Laws
  14. Attitude: a Partnership At Work and At Play - Shelley Ann Morris
  15. The Genius - Kim Kilpatrick
  16. Finding Words - Sara Bennett
  17. The Art of Albinism - Brooke Fox
  18. On The Soapbox About Soaps and Other Shows - Devon Wilkins and Monika Penner
  19. Disabled Finally Making Inroads on Television - Andrew Cardozo
  20. "why Me?" Is Not An Option - Vicki Graf
  21. Pumping Gas and Reaching For The Fan - J. Webster Smith
  22. Large-Print Books Have a Big Future - Jane Sullivan
  23. Digitized Collection Unveiled - Helen Henderson
  24. Fun on The Internet - Martin Courcelles
  25. Dvd Makers Blind to Access Problems - Aaron Barnhart
  26. Coping Responses of Adults With Rp - Barbara A. Siple, Ph.D.
  27. Tips For People Who Are Blind and Coping With Hearing Loss - Penny Leclair
  28. Israeli Deaf-Blind Performance Troupe Tours North America - E.B. Solomont
  29. The Glenvale Players: Canada's Premier Group of Blind and Vision-Impaired Theatre Artists - Wanda C. Fitzgerald
  30. Acting With Insight - Lynn Chu
  31. Expectations - Peggy Shoel
  32. Shifting Views of Independence - Toni and Ed Eames
  33. Blind Theatre a Tough Call - Jacqui Taffel
  34. Bringing Ballet to The Blind Audio-Description At The Kentucky Center For The Arts - Janet Weeks
  35. Diversity in Diversion - Kaye Leslie
  36. Gord Paynter Leaves 'em Laffin' - John Rae
  37. Bad Attitude Worst Handicap of All - Alana Silva
  38. The Social Costs of Blindness - Mary Anne Burke
  39. Two Pots
  40. Disability and Human Rights in Latin America - Luis Fernando Astorga Gatjens
  41. Historic European Recognition of Deaf-Blindness
  42. Blind Are Being Led By The Blind, Says Canine Study - David Derbyshire
  43. Highlights of Recent NFB:AE Activities
  44. New Resources
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