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Licking The Problem of Minutes

"Are we ready to adopt last month's minutes?"

Adopt them! You shouldn't really even vote on them. Oh, there's a piece of paper in front of you--probably with words on it--but you can't seem to get it through your colleagues' heads that you can't read those minutes in their current format.

So if you can't read them, how about writing them?

With email as popular as it is today, it probably would be best for you to have the internet, but if you're at all handy with a computer, a felt pen, or a slate and stylus, you still might be able to volunteer to take the minutes at a committee meeting. That would keep you as up to date with what's going on as everybody else. If someone has already scooped the secretary's job, how about taking on the task of editing your organization's newsletter?

Turn your frustration into determination. With a little creativity, you can come up with all sorts of ways to beat those "I can't read it" blues.

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