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New Resources

Disability Rights Movement Archive: Nearly 100 in-depth oral histories and a collection of unique archival materials documenting the disability rights and independent living movement are now available online through a new Website hosted by the University of California, Berkeley. The Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office (ROHO) launched the site to make its collection of interviews with movement leaders, participants, and observers, along with documents, photographs, and audio and video clips widely accessible. Visit: t:

Helen Keller Book: To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Helen Keller's autobiography, The Story of My Life, the American Foundation for the Blind has made the original text available online at no cost. The online book is accompanied by photographs from AFB's Helen Keller archives. To read the book online, visit:

History of Blindness in Canada: Dr. Euclid Herie, past president of both the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and the World Blind Union (WBU) has written "Journey to Independence: Blindness--The Canadian Story", which chronicles the history of blindness in Canada from before Confederation to present. To purchase a copy, please contact the CNIB at (416) 486-2500 ext. 7058 or at:

Accessibility Website: The Coalition of Ontario Accessibility Advisory Committees has launched a website for the exchange of ideas related to making communities accessible. Visit:

New ASIC Website: Advocates for Sight Impaired Consumers (ASIC) now has a website: There is also a link to B-Bay, a venue where persons wishing to buy or sell used blindness-related products can post listings. Visit:

Education Study: The National Educational Association of Disabled Students has completed its study, Access to Academic Materials for Print-Disabled Post-Secondary Students (May, 2005). To view Word, PDF and HTML versions, visit:

The project "Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in College and University Sponsored Activities" looked at the accessibility of extracurricular activities via focus groups, workshops and questionnaires. Findings are published in "Making Extra-Curricular Activities Inclusive-An Accessibility Guide for Campus Programmers", available in html, Word and pdf formats at:

Courses from Hadley: The Hadley School for the Blind, which offers free, distance education courses in alternative formats, has recently developed the three courses below. For more information or to order one of these courses, contact Student Services: Phone: (800) 526-9909; Email: studentservices@hadley.eduu or visit:

"Parenting: Preparation" provides tips and adaptive techniques for planning and caring for babies and young children. (For information on available formats, contact Student Services).

"Macular Degeneration" discusses risk factors, diagnosis, symptoms, progression and emotional effects of this eye condition, as well as looking at ways that people can maximize existing vision and cope with daily activities. It is available in large print, audiocassette and online.

"Going Places", directed at North Americans who are no longer able to drive due to vision loss, explores alternative modes of transportation and travel and is available in large print, braille and audiocassette.

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