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CBM v. 22 - Blindness Around The World

  1. Editorial: Promoting Equal Participation Throughout The World - John Rae
  2. Helping Disabled People Out of The Shadows - Amartya Sen and James D. Wolfensohn
  3. Blindness Consumerism in New Zealand - Daniel B. Frye
  4. Blind Citizens in Australia - John Power
  5. On Top While Being Down Under: An Australian Perspective - Mathew Christo
  6. Hope At The Top of The World - Margot Brunner-Campbell
  7. See No Evil: Un's Human Rights Commissioner Should Listen to Chinese Blind Man - Douglas Sylva
  8. Lebanon's Blind Can "read" Their Rights - Rym Ghazal
  9. Enabling The Blind to Vote in Albania's National Elections - Bernadett Csapo
  10. Europe's First Talking Cash Dispenser
  11. European Public Sector Fails on Basic Web Accessibility
  12. "czech Blind United"--Making Czech Towns and Cities Friendlier to The Blind and Visually Impaired - Pavla Horakova
  13. Dundee Talking Bus Shelters
  14. Football Clubs to Test Audio Description
  15. Disability in Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Rethinking Disability - Cindy Higgins, RIIL (Research Information for Independent Living)
  16. Madagascar: Disability--Shame, Honour Or Reality? - Fela Razafinjato
  17. Disabled Persons Call For Level Playing Field
  18. The Disability Situation in Nepal - Meen Raj Panthi
  19. First Disability Survey in Guatemala - Silvia Quan
  20. Papua New Guinea Has More Than 44,000 Blind People--Survey
  21. Providing Hiv/aids Awareness and Training to Blind Persons in Africa - Penny Hartin
  22. Blind Women Around The World - Penny Hartin
  23. Layers of Discrimination: Disabled Women in Zimbabwe - Gladys Charowa
  24. Eight "adjustment to Blindness" Technicians Trained
  25. High Praise For Disability-Inclusive Early Childhood Campaign in Maldives - Barbara Kolucki
  26. Blind "missing Out on Schooling"
  27. Going to School a Task Faced By Blind Students Everyday
  28. King Launches Educational Projects For Disabled and Poor Students
  29. Disabled Students Enjoy Mainstream School Life
  30. Russia: Young Disabled Activists Tackle Attitudes in Mainstream Schools - Denise Roza, Perspektiva
  31. Survey Shows That Asia's Disabled Lag in Jobs and Education
  32. Dearth of Jobs For The Blind - Hariati Azizan
  33. China's Booming Reflexology Industry Gives Employment to The Blind - Barbara Howard
  34. Appreciate Your Disability, Appreciate Life
  35. Uk Tv Networks Launch New Initiative For Disabled Actors
  36. "you Don't Need Sight--Just Vision": The Story of a Blind Filmmaker - Danika Taylor
  37. Blind Sailors First to Cross The Pacific - Mike Barrington
  38. Guide Dogs Are Being Deafened By Fireworks - Denis J Croke
  39. Assistance-Dog Partners Say "konnichiwa" to Japan - Devon Wilkins
  40. Roddy, The First Ever Dual Purpose Dog
  41. First Resource Centre in Latin America For People Who Are Deaf and Blind - Luis Fernando Astorga Gatjens
  42. Deaf-Blind Japanese Gain Access to World Through Computers - Shinichiro Kadokawa
  43. The Unified English Braille Code (Uebc)
  44. A Vision of Universal Access The Blind Innovate For Information Technology - Tamru E. Belay
  45. Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Introduced to Ict At Nepal Cmc - Karma Tshering
  46. Highlights of Recent AEBC Activities
  47. New Resources
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