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CBM v. 23 - Rights, Dignity and Inclusion

  1. Editorial: The Elusive Search For Equality - John Rae
  2. Human Rights V.Charity: Achieving The Dream of The December 3 International Day of Disabled Persons - John Rae
  3. The Blind Leading The Blind - Linda Bartram
  4. Learning About The Status of Blind Youth in Canada - Dr. Deborah Gold, Dr. Alex Shaw and Dr. Karen Wolffe
  5. Aboriginal Blindness - Geoff Fierce
  6. Mentorshipâ
  7. Finding An Advocacy Style - Kim Kilpatrick
  8. Court Urges Discretion in Some Disability Cases - Allan Thompson
  9. Verdict in Murder Case Unsettling For Disabled - Helen Henderson
  10. Public Forum Tackles Abuse of The Disabled - Helen Henderson
  11. From "lunatics" to Citizens: Tracing The Emergence and Growth of Disability Politics in Ontario - Fraser Valentine
  12. Former Chief of The B.C.Human Rights Commission on Bill 107 - Mary Woo Sims
  13. City of Kawartha Lakes Looking At a Human Rights Complaint - Roman Zakaluzny
  14. Human Rights Office Investigating More Complaints - Mia Rabson
  15. Store Owner Sees The Light - Adele Dubrofsky and Abba
  16. The Making of The Quebec Law to Assure The Handicapped in The Exercise of Their Rights - Irene Lambert
  17. Access Not Equal For All - Shelley Nicholl
  18. Give Paralympic Athletes Equal Recognition - Rick Hansen
  19. Persons With Disabilities in Television Programming: a Plan to Move Forward on Greater Inclusion - Sarah Crawford
  20. Manitoba's Approach to Advancing The Employability and Employment of Persons With Disabilities - Glen Coutts
  21. Disability Delays "unjust"; Ombud Slams "morally Repugnant" Rule That Shortchanges Benefits - Kerry Gillespie
  22. Disabled Students Gain Some Ground - Daniel Girard
  23. Education Minister Promises Changes to Inclusive System - Mary Moszynski
  24. Diabetes Group Asks For Federal Drug Plan - Mia Rabson
  25. New Devices Can Let The Blind Use Computers, But Cost Denies Access For Many - Jen Skerritt
  26. N.B.Needs Ballots For The Blind; Visually Impaired Voters Still Can't Cast - Daniel McHardie
  27. A Different Forum For Choosing a Candidate - Irene Lambert
  28. Disability Planks - John Rae
  29. Party Politics Exclude The Disabled Political Party Websites Discriminate Against People With Disabilities
  30. Politics and Public Policy: Who Has Access to The Political System? - Donna Rose
  31. Becoming An Involved Citizen - Joe Foster
  32. Government Launches Braille Postage Stamp
  33. Once: Invisible Losses - Gabriel Calzada
  34. Charity Urges Boycott of Ryanair
  35. Highlights of Recent AEBC Activities
  36. 2005 Scholarship Winners
  37. New Resources
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