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Cover Page

The cover has a background colour of dusty rose, and features a colour photo related to a story inside. The magazine title- The Canadian Blind Monitor - is in Times New Roman font. Directly beneath in a subtitle sans serif font are the words, Voice of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, Fall 2006.

Directly below the title are five black and white graphic symbols, each about 2.5 centimeters or one inch square. These graphics are arranged across the 8 x 11 inch cover in a slightly peaked, inverted layout. From left to right, the first graphic shows a silhouetted figure walking left to right, using a white cane. The next figure is an individual in a wheelchair, again moving left to right. At the peak is a large numeral touch tone telephone graphic. On the right side of the inverted V is a symbol of a volume-adjustable telephone handset, and at the lower right end is a symbol of two hands signing. So the graphics touch upon and illustrate various means that lend themselves to more independent living for differently-abled people.

The feature photo in the centre of the cover page shows a group of mature women and men " six residents..two women seated in easy chairs on the left, then in mid background a woman and a man standing near a room entryway, and on the right a seated woman and a standing man. All are in a very welcoming living room, the Alexander Maki Lodge in Langford, a suburb of Victoria, BC.This group home residence is described in a story in Volume 24.

On the lower fifth of the cover just beneath the photo, is the sub-heading, Focus on Independent Living" in this issue "

  • Living With Multiple Disabilities

  • History and Philosophy of the Independent Living Movement

  • Cane Vs. Guide Dog

  • The Decline in Braille Instruction is Leading to Illiteracy

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