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Declaration to Create An Inclusive and Accessible Canada

Editor's Note: This declaration is reprinted from the End Exclusion website:

Our Vision of An Inclusive and Accessible Canada is guided by the principles and values of full citizenship through:




United in our belief that Canadians with disabilities have equal right to full inclusion and citizenship and that Canadians with disabilities are valued contributing members of our communities;

Emphasizing that disability is part of human diversity and should be celebrated as such;

Concerned that Canadians with disabilities and their families continue to face significant barriers to their full citizenship;

Aware that exclusion and a lack of access to disability supports perpetuate the unemployment and poverty of people with disabilities, and their families;

Further aware that exclusion can be compounded by gender, age, aboriginal status, culture, race, ancestry, sexual orientation and other differences;

Recognizing that all levels of government have a duty to facilitate the active citizenship and full inclusion of persons with disabilities;

Inspired by achievements of the past 25 years and the broad consensus that substantive change is still required;

Acknowledging the need to work together to develop partnerships between all levels of government, the disability community and civil society;

And therefore, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the International Year of the Disabled Persons and the first national Parliamentary report Obstacles, and the many achievements of the last 25 years;

Convinced that a long-term national disability strategy to create change is essential to address the poverty, the lack of disability-related supports, and the unemployment of Canadians with disabilities;

We commit to Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Canada where all Canadians with disabilities have the disability-related supports necessary to fully access and benefit from all that Canada has to offer.

We commit to working together to remove barriers and ensure the active citizenship and full inclusion of Canadians with disabilities.

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