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New Resources

"To the Left of Inspiration: Adventures in Living with Disabilities", written by Katherine Schneider, a blind psychologist, highlights the warmth and humour in our struggles to be humane with each other, whether we are temporarily able-bodied or disabled. Available through online booksellers. In accessible format at: (opens in a new window)

Through the Looking Glass and its National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities have released "Hands-On Parenting: A Resource Guide for Parents who are Blind or Partially Sighted", available in regular print, Large Print or CD-ROM for $40 (U.S.). Call 1-800-644-2666 or visit: (opens in a new window)

The American Foundation for the Blind has launched a new, multimedia website that offers instructional videos, tips and testimonials to help the growing population with low vision maintain independence. "Given how much fear people have concerning the impact of vision loss, AFB hopes our new website will enlighten Americans about ways they or a loved one can adapt successfully to low vision or vision loss and maintain a full, rewarding and independent life," said AFB President Carl R. Augusto. Visit AFB Senior Site at: (opens in a new window)

The Hadley School for the Blind offers tuition-free distance education courses in alternative formats for persons who are blind, their families, and blindness professionals. Course titles include "Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness," "Macular Degeneration," "Glaucoma," "Diabetes: Towards Self-Management," and "Parenting Children with Multiple Disabilities." Course series include "Self-Help Groups" and "Social Skills." Contact Student Services: phone: 1-800-526-9909;

email:; (opens in a new window)

Seminars at Hadley is a new, interactive, live internet lecture series. To access recordings of past lectures, such as on braille, cooking, shopping online and accessing recreation, visit (opens in a new window) and select "Events" and then "Seminars at Hadley". To receive notification of upcoming lectures, sign up for electronic news releases by selecting "Lounge" from the home page and then "Mailing List".

Hadley also offers online forums related to braille, adaptive technology and general interest. There is also a forum for family members and one for blindness professionals. In addition, a feedback forum is available. Visit (opens in a new window) and select "forums".

Blind-singles is a new online group for blind singles over 18. The aim of the group is to let singles meet other singles with the same disability so they can interact, exchange ideas and form solid friendships. To subscribe, send a blank message to: blind-singles-

National Braille Press offers two inspirational braille books: The Power of Acknowledgment, $19.95, and The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness, $25.95; and print/braille quotable refrigerator magnets, $4.95 each: Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing every day that scares you"; Ralph Waldo Emerson: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us"; Helen Keller: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

NBP has also released Blog On: Reading and Writing Blogs with a Screen Reader (braille and PortaBook, $10), covering such topics as finding, reading and staying current with blogs, and creating your own blog. Or reserve a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and guarantee shipment in braille on July 21, $18.89! To order (all prices are in U.S. dollars), send payment to: NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302; phone: (800) 548-7323; website: (opens in a new window)