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Will The Attitudes of Others Change If We Have a Positive One?

Editor's Note: Penny Leclair is a community advocate who is deaf-blind and lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She formerly served on AEBC's Board of Directors as 1st Vice President.

A positive attitude can make a big difference in the likelihood a person can achieve happiness, but I don't think it necessarily changes the attitudes of others. That expectation is unrealistic, partly because for every positive-thinking person, there are others who are not! Be positive yourself, but don't expect others to change their attitude about you or the world around them.

I wouldn't say I am the best at positive thinking, but I certainly make an effort to always look to the positive in a situation. It is the person, and not the disability or difficulties, that make up who you are. Yet so many people keep asking me, "Penny, why are you always smiling?"! As if I were acting out--how can a deaf-blind person always smile at life, day in, day out?

So I warn you that a positive attitude will help you, but not necessarily help change the attitudes of others. It won't hurt, but don't expect this to significantly change others.

Often we believe our thoughts. We think something, and then treat the thought as if it were the true reality when, in fact, the thought can't be proven, or might be just a misinterpretation of another person's ways. Question your thoughts before you start to believe them! Questioning my thoughts is a small trick to how I continue to be a more positive thinker.

If you think more positively, you will treat others in a more positive manner.