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2008-09 AEBC Board of Directors

President: Robin East, Saskatchewan; Email: {}

Robin, involved in advocacy since the early 80s, earned a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, as well as certificates in Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Applications. He is currently a Computer Analyst with the Canada Revenue Agency. Among his numerous volunteer commitments is his position on the Council of Canadians with Disabilities' National Council.

1st Vice President: John Rae, Ontario; Email: {}

John is a retired Program Officer from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. Over the years, he has served on the boards of organizations like the Coalition on Human Rights for the Handicapped and the Ontario Coalition for Social Justice, as well as on committees within the Canadian Labour movement. He received the Individual Human Rights Award from the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and the AEBC's Council of Canadians with Disabilities Award, having served as AEBC's President for almost four and a half years.

2nd Vice President: Richard Quan, Ontario; Email: {}

Richard holds a law degree and is currently a Mediator with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. His other activities have included serving on the boards of the Centre for Independent Living and BALANCE for Blind Adults. Richard also helped start a Toronto goalball team and has been a member of the Glenvale Players acting group.

Treasurer: Anthony Tibbs, Quebec; Email: {}

Having already earned a Bachelor of Commerce, Anthony is currently studying Law. During his undergraduate career, he advocated for the creation of a student-run service for learners with disabilities and assisted with its operations. A former AEBC scholarship recipient, he now sits on the Finance/Fundraising Committee, and assists the Education Committee and youth membership development projects.

Secretary: Marc Workman, Alberta; Email: {}

Marc received a Bachelor of Arts with honours and has started his Masters degree in political science, with the intention of working towards a PhD in philosophy. He helped establish the Campus Association of Disability Issues and has served it as Vice President External. Marc has also served as Vice President of AEBC's Edmonton Chapter. He is new to the National Board this year.

Director Without Portfolio: Denise Sanders, British Columbia; Email: {}

Denise joined our organization in 1996, and has served as President of the Central Okanagan Chapter and as AEBC's National Treasurer. With a background in business and organizational administration, she developed an AEBC policy manual and an information package for Chapters. Currently, she co-chairs the Human Resources Committee and participates on the Finance/Fundraising Committee. Denise received the AEBC 2005 Council of Canadians with Disabilities National Award.

Director Without Portfolio: Brenda Cooke, Saskatchewan; Email: {}

Brenda has been active in the disability consumer movement since the late 1970s and is on the board of AEBC's Chapter. As a newly elected national director, she plans to focus on AEBC's magazine and the important issue of poverty. Brenda's background includes a degree in Education and classes in mediation and Non-profit Management, as well as operating her own business, for which she was nominated YWCA Woman of Distinction.

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