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New Resources

The "Disability Rights and Policies" CD, produced by Handicap International, contains key resources and reference documents regarding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. For a free French or English download, visit: {}

AccessAbility has produced "Employing the Disabled", a manual designed to dispel myths about employing persons with disabilities. For a free download, visit: { f}

CNIB and the American Foundation for the Blind have joined forces to create Mentor Match ({}), pairing job seekers with blind and partially sighted mentors working in the seekers' field of interest. CNIB's SCORE summer camp for teens ({}), in addition, offers opportunities for career development and the learning of job-related skills. {} and {} attempt to match persons with disabilities with open-minded employers in Ontario and British Columbia respectively. Finally, the Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities ({}) seeks to promote the inclusion, job retention and advancement of disabled professionals.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan is a new plan initiated by the Federal Government of Canada, commencing in the 2008 tax year, to assist people with disabilities to have a greater chance for long-term financial security. Government contributes to the plan through Canada Disability Savings Grants and the Canada Disability Savings Bonds. For more information, call Canada Revenue Agency at: Tel.: 1-800-959-8281; TTY: 1-800-665-0354; or visit the Service Canada website at: {}

Information and strategies for financially planning for disabled children is available free of charge at The Special Needs Planning Group's website: {} In addition, "Removing the Mystery: An Estate Planning Guide for Families of People With Disabilities" is available in print and on CD-ROM from the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy at: {}

"Teaching Students with Sensory Impairments: Strategies for Mainstream Teachers" contains techniques and resources for teachers, students, parents and other professionals. To read it, go to: {}

"A Project to Improve the Learning Outcomes of Students with Disabilities in the Early, Middle and Post-Compulsory Years of Schooling", is a research report focusing on the activities, interactions, materials and teacher knowledge/skills that promote classroom inclusion. The report, as well as a 40-page resource called "Students with Disabilities in Mainstream Classrooms", is available online at: {}

The Hadley School for the Blind, which offers tuition-free distance education in accessible formats, offers the following new or revamped courses: Finding Employment; Business Fundamentals; and Experience Braille Reading, providing guidelines in reading financial statements, restaurant menus and more. Call Student Services at 1-800-526-9909 or visit: {}

In honour of the 200th anniversary, on January 4, 2009, of Louis Braille's birth, National Braille Press offers the following products: a Louis Braille wall poster, free; note cards, $7.99 per box; bookmarks, $8 per package; a key chain, $5; a lapel pin, $5; and a tactile plaque, $45. To order any of these products, call 1-800-548-7323 or visit:}

To commemorate the Louis Braille bicentenary, many organizations around the world are holding celebrations. NBP has launched a website providing information and links to participating groups and their activities. Visit {} for more details.

The American Foundation for the Blind's Talking Book Archives includes an electronic finding aid and a multi-media exhibit, including audio clips from celebrated narrators, letters, press clippings and photographs from the collection. Visit: {}

Podcasts of classic novels are available free of charge on the Open Culture website from Stanford University. Authors include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Dickens, Orwell, Austen and Aesop. Visit: {}

Google Book Search provides full versions of plain text out-of-copyright books instead of PDFs. When you search for a title at {}, out-of-copyright material will have a "full view" option to click. The plain text version is available by following the "view plain text" link. Those still under copyright have a "limited preview" option and only provide restricted access to content.

Key-XL is the largest online database of keyboard shortcuts for hundreds of applications covering all major operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux. You can search by software title or by application type, such as web browsers, email programs and photo/imaging. Visit: {}

The New York City Bar Association provides an online paper dealing with why websites should be accessible to people with disabilities. There is a link to the page that contains both the PDF original and MP3 files related to the paper, as well as two converted versions in HTML and RTF. Go to: {}

The WGBH National Center for Accessible Media offers "Accessible Digital Media: Design Guidelines for Electronic Publications, Multimedia and the Web", providing step-by-step accessibility solutions for users with sensory impairments, are available free of charge at {} or for the CD version, email or call 617-300-5400.

The Inclusive Design Toolkit helps product developers consider the needs of people with all capabilities, by providing a comprehensive guide to the principles and commercial benefits of inclusive design. Visit: {}