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Deaf-Blind Speed Skater An Ambassador

Ottawa--T-Base Communications backed deaf-blind speed skater Kevin Frost into 2007 in support of his goal to become one of the first to compete in the Paralympic games. Frost also became an ambassador for T-Base in 2007, an appropriate role for such an extraordinary competitor.

Mr. Frost competed in 7 short track races last October in the 1st Eastern Ability Regional competition for the Ottawa Pacers Speed Skating Club in Kanata, Ontario. He qualified in 4 "A" finals winning two bronze medals, just .022 seconds shy of the silver at the Masters Level.

"I am thrilled at the support I have been receiving from T-Base. It's a significant boost in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for people with disabilities and in competitive sport at a high level," said Kevin Frost.

T-Base Communications provides Mr. Frost with various communication materials in alternate formats, such as his business cards in braille. "We believe our support of Kevin's endeavors is fundamental in demonstrating how alternate formats meet diverse needs for access to information," says Sharlyn Ayotte, president and CEO of T-Base Communications.

The sponsorship kicked off a new year where fans had a chance to see Kevin Frost in action as he competed Olympic style in long track.

About Kevin Frost: Kevin Frost has Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes progressive hearing and vision loss. Kevin aspires to earn deaf-blind speed skating a recognized class in Paralympic sport and to be one of the first to compete. The Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games is to take place in Vancouver with all competitions in Whistler. For more information on Kevin Frost, please visit:

About T-Base Communications Inc.: With locations in Canada and the United States, T-Base Communications produces listen-ready and touch-ready contractual and customer management materials, assisting government and industry to communicate with their customers who cannot access information in conventional print. Specializing in braille, large print, e-Text, audio and website accessibility, T-Base Communications works in partnership with North America's most progressive companies to meet the diverse information needs of their customers such as American Express, Citigroup, LaSalle Bank, Merrill Lynch, Nokia, Royal Bank, Symcor, TD, and Verizon Wireless.

Reprinted from T-Base Communications' website, January 5, 2007:

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