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The Law of Attraction

Editor's Note: Anu Pala, an AEBC member, is a classroom facilitator and job developer with the Neil Squire Society. She also manages her own consulting business, A-Nu Vision Consulting. Email

People often ask me where I get the energy to do all the things I do, how I find opportunities for career advancement, or get the money to buy nice things. Many say it's luck, others credit it to knowing the right people, and then there are those who just think I have a sugar daddy!

You may recall a couple of years ago when the world was swept away by The Secret. Everyone was talking about it--including Oprah--putting a message out to the universe asking for what you want and reaping the rewards. The *Secret teaches us that we are the drivers of our own destinies, through controlling our thoughts, visualizing and, most importantly, practicing the Law of Attraction through the vibes we send out to the universe. While I am not an expert in this subject by any means, I have experienced how the Law of Attraction works and the value of learning the laws and implementing them into your life in order to create positive change. I want to share my thoughts and experiences and show how it can impact your life too.

"The thoughts we think and the feelings we have create what happens to us--essentially, we create our world by putting out vibrations or vibes, and in the vibrational world, there are only two kinds of vibrations--negative and positive" (Michael Losier, Law of Attraction). Basically, this means that if you keep telling yourself things like "I'll never find a job" or "I'm not going to find Mr. Or Ms. Right", you probably won't, because you are sending out negative vibes.

"Negative vibes are sent when you are talking about what you DON'T want or when you worry or complain, feel discouraged or fearful, etc. Every one of these feelings causes you to send negative vibes, and in turn, Law of Attraction gives you more of the same" (Michael Losier).

However, if you reverse this form of thinking and use positive affirmations such as "I am confident that I will have a job in three months" or "I know that I will find my life partner very soon", you have automatically changed the energy of your vibration.

You may notice when you are in the presence of another person, you can usually pick up their vibe, either negative or positive. By giving your attention and energy to something, whether positive or negative, you are attracting more of what you are focusing on.

It is important to be aware of your thinking patterns and recognize when you are going to that negative place. When you catch yourself saying "I don't", "I'm not", "I can't" etc., ask yourself, "What is it that I do want?" It is said by those who practice the Law of Attraction that once you change your thought patterns from negative to positive, your vibrations change as well. And once your vibrations change, the Law of Attraction starts working in your favour.

I recall some years ago when I lived with my parents that I used to lie in my bed at night imagining what my own home would look like. I visualized a bright condo with two bedrooms, a gas fireplace, two bathrooms, a balcony and laundry facilities. I even went as far as visualizing myself sitting on my sofa with my feet up chatting with my friends, or entertaining. Life continued over the next few years, till four years later I found myself purchasing my very first home. The crazy thing was that the condo looked very similar to what I had imagined those nights while lying in my bed! As I got settled in my new home, I also found myself doing the types of activities that I envisioned.

Writing positive thoughts, affirmations and goals is another form of practicing the Law of Attraction. Because I am ambitious and have many interests, my mind is always formulating new ideas. I often write my thoughts down or set personal goals. The key to remember, though, is to not just write it down or visualize it one time, but to keep working towards your goals, believing in yourself and visualizing yourself already possessing what it is that you want. Whether it is money, a home, good health, a partner, a job, happiness or social interaction, we all have the power to have whatever it is that we desire!

Now you're probably thinking, "What if I already am practicing the Law of Attraction and do set goals for myself? Why do I still have immense challenges, and why can I not seem to reach my goals?" As I mentioned earlier, there are two parts to this practice, I believe. Part one is to formulate your thought/wish/desire, visualize and actually articulate it. Part two is to work towards your goal.

I have noticed that people from minority groups such as the blind, immigrants and others tend to form "cliques." While I believe there is comfort, strength and power within those communities, I feel it is important to also spread your wings and never limit yourself. I have worked with clients and known people who become too rooted in their comfort zone and are afraid to step out of that zone and try something different.

I do not consider myself 100% successful by any means, but what has worked for me so far, in regards to getting where I am right now, is being in the company of those who are positive, proactive, encouraging and non-judgmental. Also, I am open-minded and am always on the lookout for those windows of opportunity. When you set goals and start practicing the Law of Attraction, you will start to find those windows of opportunity too. The key is to recognize them and step in!