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Grab Bag

Measuring spices and keeping track of them can be made much easier with a little advanced planning. If the handles of measuring spoons are bent so that the spoon can be lowered into a wide-mouthed jar with liquid or powdered spices, it is easier to measure accurately and avoid spilling. The spoon can be filled and simply lifted straight out of the jar.

Large wide-mouthed jars can be labelled in Braille and print. Spices are often cheaper if they are purchased in cellophane bags. Contents can then be dumped into the jar. It is important to make sure that the jar is large enough to hold the entire contents of the package.

Otherwise, you are left with an assortment of half empty bags which are hard to identify independently when it is time to refill the jar. If you have any techniques that you would like to share with others, please send us information about them. Sharing tips will help us all become more independent.

Submit your items to: NFB:AE, P.O. Box 5058, Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 8T9

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