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Nuts and Bolts

I'm writing this on January 7, 1997. The beginning of a new year encourages re-assessment and striving for improvement.My first year as Editor of this magazine has been a learning experience. Our original intent was to publish three issues in 1996. The arrival of our third child, Philip, on September 5, brought upheaval to my schedule and great joy to my life. As a result of his birth, our second issue was not ready for mailing in all of its formats until the end of December.

We need your feedback in order to make decisions concerning the format of the cassette edition of this magazine. At the philosophical level, we believe that blind persons should have complete access to the information in the print edition. This includes advertising. On the practical level, however, listening to several pages of sponsors'names on a cassette can be quite tedious. We would be glad for any feedback that would help us resolve this philosophical and practical problem.

You will also notice that this edition is being produced on standard 1-7/8 IPS 2-track cassette. We have done so because it is our understanding that many blind people do not have players which can handle 4-track 15/16 IPS cassettes. The 4-track format would enable us to produce this magazine on one cassette rather than three. Many other publications for the blind--including the Braille Monitor and Voice of the Diabetic--are recorded on 4-tracks. However, we do not want to publish a magazine which is inaccessible to many of its intended readers. Please let us know which format you prefer.

We want our message to reach as many Canadians as possible. In order to keep your copy coming regularly, we need to know about any changes of address. If you know someone you believe would enjoy reading this publication, let us know. We would be happy to send a sample copy without charge. The Canadian Blind Monitor is available in Braille, print, cassette, and on computer disc.

We welcome articles from anyone interested in blindness issues. If you have ideas for articles or just want to talk about the magazine, call me toll-free at 1-800-561-4774.

1997 promises to be a year of challenge and accomplishment for the NFB:AE. May it also be a year of promise for each of you.

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