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CBM v. 30 - Past, Present and Future

  1. Right to Use Service Dogs Often Violated - Helen Henderson
  2. UK's First Educational E-Book Library Launched Online
  3. Climate Change and Disability: A Burning Issue - Tom Shakespeare
  4. New Resources - John Rae
  5. Cover Material
  6. Editorial: The Disability Industry, Alive and Well - Brenda Cooke
  7. Announcing Our 2009 AEBC Scholarship Winners - Valentina Gal
  8. Headlines & Highlights - Brenda Cooke
  9. Canada's Social Policy - Positive Changes and Persistent Challenges - Michael J. Prince
  10. Competing Models of Disability Must Continue to Evolve - John Rae
  11. Human Rights Coverage: The Unrealized Promise - John Rae, Robin East, Donna Jodhan
  12. Marjorie Fulton: Lifelong Advocate - Sara Bennett, CBM Associate Editor
  13. In Memoriam: David Leclair - Penny Leclair
  14. Then and Now - Is Anyone Listening? - Chris Stark
  15. Advocates for the Blind Take Aim at Touch-Screen Terminals - Jay MacDonald
  16. Technology and Independence? - Mitch Pomerantz
  17. Blind Still Rely on Braille: High-tech advances can't entirely replace system - Ray Weiss
  18. Employment and Technology: Increasing Opportunities, or Merely Reshaping the Landscape? - Anthony Tibbs
  19. A Wheelchair Doesn't Make an Employee Perfect - Helen Henderson
  20. Do Human Resource Grads Need More on Disabilities? - Helen Henderson
  21. A Theatre Experience Like No Other: Accessibility Play for the Blind and Low-Vision - Antoinette Mercurio
  22. Movie Series Shatters Image of the Disabled: disThis! - Howard Swains
  23. Helen Keller: What She Really Taught Us About People With Disabilities - Kim E. Nielsen
  24. Evolving Disability Discourse: Is it making a difference? - Danielle Laplante
  25. Have Changes in Language Changed Attitudes? - John Rae
  26. When the World Speaks, U of T Listens - Helen Henderson
  27. AEBC Website
  28. 'It Takes a Village' - Mary Randall
  29. Getting There - Past and Present - Valentina Gal
  30. Pedestrian Signals Are Needed 24/7 - Marcia Cummings
  31. 'Green' Cars Called Threat to Blind Pedestrians - Vincent Ball
  32. GPS Device a 'Sixth Sense' for the Impaired - Matt Walcoff
  33. Making Home Improvements Count: Six Steps to Safe and Easy Homes for Older People - Sue Cooper
  34. The New Vision of Artificial Sight Technology - Grant Buckler
  35. Hope for Future Cancer Patients - Kathy Nessner
  36. Network Brings Together Parents with Disabilities - Helen Henderson
  37. 2011 AGM in Brantford, ON
  38. Supporters