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Editor's Comments

Previous issues of the Canadian Blind Monitor have been organized around themes such as access to information and employment. This edition will be different. We have tried to include a little something for everyone.

This change is due mainly to the growth and increasing diversity of the movement. In this issue you will read about a division of the NFB:AE for parents of blind children. We have now grown to the point where we have rented office space. The resolutions we adopted at our meeting in New Orleans cover a wide range of topics. Sadly, there are still stories of injustice which cry for concerted action and redress.

There is, of course, much more that could be written and many other subjects to explore. The Canadian Blind Monitor welcomes articles on any topics related to blindness. I know from discussions with many of you that our readers are a lively and interesting group of people. The blind community of Canada needs to hear from you. Do you have issues you want the NFB:AE to tackle? Do you know someone who should be profiled in these pages? Have you found an alternative technique that works particularly well for you which you would be willing to share? Write or phone. Letters are accepted in print, Braille, on cassette tape, computer disk, fax, or E-mail.

Because of the unavoidable delays between the time we receive articles and the published Monitor is in your mail box, this is not a news magazine. It is intended to be a springboard for discussion and a place where Federation policy can be developed and philosophy explained. Comments from readers help enliven the discussion and make it more meaningful.

I am writing this in late August. By the time you receive it this fall it will be time for you to make reservations for the NFB:AE Convention in February 1998. Conventions and meetings of the NFB:AE are occasions for renewed dedication and concerted action. I hope to meet as many of you as possible in Vancouver next February.

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