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Breaking Ground For Print-Disabled Scholars

We have been asked to carry the following announcement: Compu-Scribe is your source for accessing the information you need. Our electronic text E-Text service will allow you to be the best scholar you can be. We Break Barriers To The Printed Page. Our E-Text publications may be used with braille, large print, and voice output and input technologies.

Tired of being a slave to the scanner?

*We put the can in scan. Our quality E-Text transcriptions replace your time for scanning and proofing.

Tired of waiting for stretched tapes?

*Always new, your dependable Compu-Scribe E-Texts don't decline from use. With our E-Texts, your access to information will not be compromised. Now, you have everything to gain from the translation. Frustrated with multiple tapes or clumsy page turners? *We provide the texts that you control. Quick searching of our computer files of requested publisher texts will have your synthesizer talking.

Let your computer be the vehicle propelling you into the information age. Find out more about Compu-Scribe's E-Text service. Compu-Scribe is your E-Text representative. Phone: (403) 270-8834