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New Magazine For Blind Teens Launched

We recently received a call from Lynette Frison, a sixteen-year-old eleventh grade student from Nova Scotia. She has assembled a group of four young people who are proposing to publish a teen magazine for blind and visually impaired youth across Canada.

We plan to publish two issues a year initially, Lynette explained. Our subscription rate is $10 per year and we publish in both Braille and large print. Lynette is very clear about her target audience and the kind of magazine she wants to publish. In order to subscribe you must be a vision impaired teenager living in Canada. I am a Canadian patriot and I want us to have our own magazine. I want this to be a lighthearted and fun magazine. We plan to have an advice column and to encourage a lot of feedback. I wish we could publish in both official languages, but for now we are English only. When asked about the reason for a magazine geared specifically to blind teens, Lynette was very clear. I really believe in integration, but there are times when another blind person can understand best what I am going through. Being a teenager can be difficult for anyone, but blind and visually impaired people have things we need to talk about. We may have the same problems as everyone else, but blindness puts a different slant on them sometimes. I hope this magazine is a way for us to communicate with one another. In that way it's like any other teen magazine.

Lynette invites anyone wishing to subscribe to send $10 and a note with name, address, and preferred format to her at: 2311 Glace Bay Road, Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, B0A 1V0


does your magazine for blind teens have an online version? My blind daughter, sai, 16, lives in bangkok, thailand. She goes to 10th grade in an international school and her english is good. She might enjoy your magazine if she can access it online. Please let me know asap...regards...tik (sai's mom)

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