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Following a year of internal debate the NFB:AE held its annual meeting in February. During the meeting, our membership clarified the organization's direction, adopted policies on a wide range of issues, elected a new board of directors, and embraced an ambitious work plan for the next two years.

In this issue you will find the text of these resolutions, background on the NFB:AE's newly elected board of directors, and your opportunity to become directly involved in this exciting work by joining one or more of the newly formed committees.

Beginning with this issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor, regular readers will begin to notice some changes in this magazine. First, future issues will contain a number of departments. "Ask the President," offers you the opportunity to pose your questions directly to the NFB:AE's new president, Bob Fenton. "Technology" will include the latest information on adaptive technology for individuals who are blind and vision impaired. Second, most issues will focus on a central theme with more original articles, but will continue to include prints of interest from other publications. Third, the Canadian Blind Monitor will contain more information concerning the work of the NFB:AE.

As the magazine's new editor I would like to invite you, our readers, to become more involved by contributing articles to this magazine.

I also want to express our thanks to Mary Ellen Gabias for her years of dedicated service both to the organization itself and to this magazine. We wish her well in all her future endeavours.

John Rae, April, 1999

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