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I Can See Books

Editor's Note: Danny Faris is a high school student in grade ten. He and his brother, Craig, earned the respect and gratitude of the staff at NFB U.S. Camp in New Orleans for their enthusiastic and creative role modelling. Danny and Craig have now become entrepreneurs. We reprint the following item with pleasure.

I Can See Books is a Braille and cassette book store. With one thousand books listed in our current 1999 catalog, we can virtually guarantee that any popular book you wish to read is available in Braille or on audio cassette.

Our books are high-quality, low-cost books, many of which have never been produced in alternate format before now. As well as providing the books listed in our catalog, we will perform reasonable transcription services of any pocketbook onto audio cassette. We will also produce any article from the World Book Encyclopedia in Braille or on tape.

In addition, we offer over two dozen speech-friendly computer games and utilities, written by our expert computer programmer. The latest release is Talking Typing Teacher (TTT), a consumer-tested program to teach blind and visually impaired people to type and to enhance existing typing skills. This amazing program has over a dozen functions and its own speech system, Eager Eddie.

Our catalog is available at our world wide web site at or via electronic mail by writing to

If you wish to receive a free cassette or computer disk catalog, or wish to purchase a Braille or print price list for $10, please contact us through e-mail or by writing to: I Can See Books, 88 Captain Morgans Boulevard, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6R1. Phone (250) 753-3096.

Very Sincerely,

Danny Faris, President