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Participate in Our Future-Join Our Committees

At the first meeting of the NFB:AE's newly-elected Board of Directors, committees were confirmed and a member of the Board was appointed as chairperson. Each Committee will develop its own work plan and choose either a co-chair or vice-chair. Each Committee will work on implementing existing resolutions and will develop new policies for discussion by the Board of Directors or the membership as appropriate.

During the Victoria convention, many members volunteered for one or more of these committees, but more participants are still needed. Join in! Develop some new skills, and have some fun. Play a direct role in developing policies that affect our lives.

A list of current committees, along with their chairperson, follows. Contact the chairperson directly.

National Advisory Committee: Bob Fenton Advocacy: Bob Fenton Constitution and Administrative Procedures: Alan Neville Employment, Education and Rehabilitation: Betty Nobel Entrepreneurship: Richard Marion Finance: John Rae Fund-Raising: Richard Marion Membership Recruitment: Grant Robinson Publications: John Rae Seniors Issues: Alan Neville Technology: Grant Robinson