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Editorial: Elements of Success

Participation from the membership of the NFB: AE in preparing this issue of the monitor has been fantastic. This may be the best issue yet. We hope to keep up this trend, and hope to receive more and more articles from you, our readers. This is your magazine, and we encourage anyone who wishes to submit material to do so.

The printed word is a very powerful resource. If used properly words can communicate information, provoke interest, fascinate, entertain and broadcast information. Words are our link to the outside world. Through our words others get to know us, and it is with our words that we will win respect and establish our identity.

We have at our disposal here a periodical that can be used as a vehicle to achieve success. This is one of the most visible means of public relations available. We must use this opportunity to the best of our ability so that we will achieve the goals set out by the members of this organisation. In order for this to happen we must concentrate on the areas that define any distinctive publication: appearance, style, continuity, content, readership, vision and change.

We will begin with appearance. This and subsequent issues of this publication will be presented in a polished, professional fashion to make a positive impression on those who know little of who we are, and what we hope to achieve. The idea here is to engage interest. We must set a standard in aesthetics and format and follow it. However, appearances are not everything. Appearance walks hand in hand with style.

Proper style gives a periodical a polished professionalism which will make others take it seriously. We must establish a journalistic style and continuity which will conform to the standards of other journalistic publications. This style will also enable others to reprint our articles if they so choose, with little effort and editing.

While it is true we are not dealing with paid writers here, most publications follow some sort of guidelines. This magazine will follow some of the basic rules of Canadian Press Style. These basic standards will be published in a subsequent issue. These standards will save the editor a lot of work and will aid in achieving the next in our list of elements necessary for a successful publication.

Next it is good to know when your next issue is due. Continuity is essential for any publication. Readers need to know when their next issue will arrive. It is NFB:AE's intention to publish three issues per year in the winter, spring and fall. It doesn't matter when your next issue is published if there is nothing of interest for readers in it. Writers must be motivated and encouraged to send in articles. Content is the substance of a publication. Without it, all the appearance, style and continuity in the universe doesn't matter. What matters is what we have to say. We must cover a broad range of subjects varying from serious issues to light hearted anecdotes, but it cant be stressed enough that these articles must have substance and be beneficial to the readers of this publication.

If we include the above mentioned elements of a successful publication, we will find more people are interested in what we have to say. Word will spread that this magazine is interesting, invigorating and enjoyable to read. Our readership will increase as a result.

It is the intention of the editors and the publications committee of the NFB: AE to actively promote this publication. Each issue will present a definite vision of the new format and changes that are being implemented over time. It is evident that the membership of this organisation wants this publication to thrive and grow so that it is a powerful and useful publication for blind and vision-impaired people in Canada to exchange ideas and learn about new resources that may benefit them in their day to day lives.