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Kelowna Activities

The Central Okanagan Chapter held a garage sale on May 29, 1999. We were able to raise $350.00. The beautiful Okanagan weather, well organised advertising and the central location all contributed to this event being such a success. We also took this opportunity to promote public awareness about blindness by displaying the NFB: AE mugs for sale and giving out the Canadian Blind Monitor. We provided each customer with a pamphlet describing our organisation. Most of our members were able to participate on the day of the event. A special thanks to Joyce Mainland for all her hard work.

The chapter organised a summer get-together on July 16, 1999. We rented a heritage house which has been converted into a hall and is located on the shore of Okanagan Lake. Twenty-two members and guests shared in the evening's fun.

There was plenty of food, drinks, and delicious desserts. We gave away three door prizes, and took advantage of the evening to wish Sarah and Joyce Mainland every success in their move back to Ontario. Sarah will be returning to the W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford.

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