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President's Message

Editor's Note: Photo courtesy of Mary Tenenbein

It has now been six months since the last NFB: AE Convention in Victoria. In that time the NFB: AE has embroiled itself in a number of high profile activities. These include: filing briefs with the British Columbia government on Reforms to the Special Education system and assistance animals, initiating human rights complaints against chartered banks to obtain bank statements in alternative formats, lobbying the Copyright Board and the Minister of Canadian Heritage to obtain an exemption for blind and vision impaired consumers from the impending levy on audio recording media, and other activities. I encourage you to contact NFB: AE's National office for a more detailed description of the types of activities that have been undertaken during this period.

In the following pages of this magazine, you will read about many of NFB: AE's activities on both the national and local levels. You will also learn about partnerships which NFB: AE is forming with other groups who serve and work with blind and vision impaired Canadians to improve access to information, services and other basic rights so that we can all achieve our goals to the best of our abilities.

The editors of the Canadian Blind Monitor have put together an excellent package of material in this issue. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

Robert J. Fenton, President, National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality