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Major successes don't just happen; they result from careful planning, creative thinking, timely intervention and careful follow-up work. The cassette levy exemption, which is described in some detail later in this issue, is a case in point.

The major theme for this issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor is advocacy. Michael Lynk's article on the duty to accommodate describes an important legal tool. "The control game" and the first of a series of articles on personal advocacy are designed to help teach advocacy skills. The three published briefs are examples of recent NFB:AE advocacy activities.

The article on the cassette levy exemption describes the process that led to one of, if not the, NFB:AE's most important achievements to date. The cassette levy would have had a disproportionately negative impact on blind Canadians. We use cassette tapes for education, recreational reading, collecting information and personal correspondence. The entire blind community should join together and celebrate this important achievement.

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