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President's Message

In December of 1999, I was granted the privilege of assisting with the editing of this issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor. While I have enjoyed reading this magazine in the past, I have received even greater joy in reviewing a very large number of well-written articles and making the tough decisions about what to and what not to publish. In my view, this issue is the most interesting produced to date by NFB:AE.

One of the primary focuses of this issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor is on the teaching of advocacy. Whether the advocacy is personal, whether the advocacy is directed to governments, at other officials or conducted through negotiation, each of these discrete elements is essential for every advocate, both new and experienced, to learn and refine.

Another focus of this issue is on the importance of Braille to blind and vision-impaired people. This issue contains articles regarding the new Universal Braille Code, Braille Day, and the importance of Braille literacy.

Finally, the issue contains three briefs filed with various government departments along with a series of articles which provide a good synopsis of some of NFB:AE's major activities during the last three months. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the magazine as much as I have enjoyed assisting the other editors in its preparation.

Robert J. Fenton President National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality