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The Canadian Blind Monitor Goes In-House

The NFB:AE is pleased to announce that it intends to produce all subsequent issues of the Canadian Blind Monitor independently. This is a great step for the organisation since it will have more control over distribution, advertising revenues, frequency of publication and the general layout of the magazine. NFB:AE has contracted with Kelly Boychuk and Dora Weninger to assist it with the publication of the magazine and to solicit advertising.

To ensure that all readers continue to receive The Canadian Blind Monitor, NFB:AE asks that you provide your name, address, telephone number and your format preference by contacting Ken Westlake at NFB:AE's National Office. You may reach Mr. Westlake by telephone at 1-800-561-4774 or by sending an electronic mail message to

We look forward to publishing many stimulating issues of the Canadian Blind Monitor in the future with Ms. Boychuk's and Ms. Weninger's assistance.

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