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We can now safely say we survived the vaunted Y2K bug and are now fully involved in the 21st century.

Each issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor contains some unique features, and this issue will be no exception. The National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality has recently held its 2000 Annual Conference, and we want to try to convey some of the energy and enthusiasm that was present throughout the weekend. But this issue is far more than merely a summary of that important Conference.

As we enter the new century, we have our own hopes, expectations and fears for the years ahead. In this issue, we present the views of a number of blind, vision-impaired and deaf-blind individuals on a range of issues that are important to our daily lives.

We know one thing for sure, change is inevitable and change is also coming for our magazine, the Canadian Blind Monitor.

We will be moving the publication in-house, and the publication will be produced by Kelly Boychuk and Dora Weninger. At this time, we would like to thank B&C List of Vancouver for their excellent work on helping us develop this publication into a magazine we can all be proud of.