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Reflections of Life and Times, Past and Present

The award citations are presented to provide examples of recognized accomplishments of people who are blind, who have low vision, or are deaf and blind. It is hoped that this information will be helpful to those starting out on the road of life with blindness.

These perspectives will be of particular interest to persons joining the organized movement of consumers who are blind. These accomplishments are presented as evidence of what has been achieved in hopes that they will help to foster a positive outlook that will promote even greater accomplishments in the future. We all benefit from role models, diverse accomplishments and efforts on behalf of us all.

Past milestones are a vital element in the ongoing quest For an inclusive country where access and usability for all is the norm.

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Our recollections are categorized by time periods so that you can easily access the information you seek and within each period you can further refine your searches by subject.

Before the 1970's

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From the '70s to 2000

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In the 21st Century

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