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AEBC Equalizer

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Briefs and White Papers

These papers and presentations have been developed by AEBC to provide background information and recommendations on issues of concern to blind, deafblind and partially sighted Canadians. These may have been presented at conferences, or to government or other public bodies.


Visit this page to listen to and download the Executive Update and Walking the Talk podcasts.


Activity Reports (prepared every few months) and President's Reports (prepared annually) serve to keep members and others informed, at a relatively high level, of what the AEBC has been working on.  These reports are archived here for later review.

Celebrating 25 Years of the AEBC: Reflecting on our Past - Planning our Future

In 2017, the AEBC turns 25, a significant milestone in the life of any organization that is a time worthy of celebration, reflection and planning for the future. Most grass roots groups like the AEBC do not celebrate the accomplishments of their organization and its members nearly often enough.  To celebrate our 25th anniversary, this collection of articles, written by a diverse group of AEBC members, reflects on what we have accomplished and where we should set our sights for the future. We hope you will find something in their reflections that will ring a bell in your minds and hearts, and encourage everyone to participate even more actively in AEBC’s work in the months and years ahead.

Canadian Blind Monitor

Cover image from an issue of the Canadian Blind Monitor

The CBM is a free yearly publication that provides short stories about people who are blind, partially sighted and deafblind. Most often the stories put forward a progressive viewpoint about what it means to be blind as well as some of the issues that affect the lives of people who have limited vision. It is hoped that the publication serves to stimulate thinking and discussion as well as change some of the misunderstandings, misconceptions and negative stereotypes about blindness.

Personal Successes: Unlimited Potential

Cover image from the Success Stories booklet

How would you define success in your own life?

Success stories from blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians on any topic from employment to community involvement are being collected and compiled into this guide, highlighting the often simple and realistic techniques employed to complete everyday tasks and achieve our goals!

Stand up! Speak out! Advocacy Guide

Cover image from the advocacy guide

This guide discusses the various forms of advocacy, the advocacy process, tips and barriers, as well as assertive and effective communication, in order to assist individuals interested in advocating for themselves or others. Incorporating real-life stories, this guide seeks to bring alive for the reader the continued need for advocacy in Canadian society, at individual, institutional, municipal, provincial and national levels.