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Much of the work that the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians does is done through our national committees. These are groups of members who formulate and implement plans to reach the organization's objectives. Each committee has a chair, and any number of additional members. Normally, a minimum of one member of the Board of Directors will participate in committee meetings, though they may not necessarily chair the committee. If you are interested in joining a committee, reach out using the form on our contact page. Below is a list of our current national committees.

Advocacy and Outreach Committee

(formerly known as the Government Relations Committee)
This committee facilitates work on any advocacy matter regarding blind, deafblind, and partially sighted Canadians involving any level of government in Canada. The Committee determines its priorities through referrals by AEBC members, reviewing previous resolutions or other documents that help it determine the importance of matters to be discussed.

Bylaws and Governance Committee

Its purpose is to assist the AEBC Board and members by reviewing bylaws and resolutions as well as creating new policies where need be, in order to make it easier for the Board to ensure AEBC rules are followed and to inform members on their rights and responsibilities.

Communications Committee

The overarching work of the Communications Committee is to develop/review the AEBC communication plan to ensure a comprehensive back and forth flow of information between AEBC and its members and to outside sources, through the various media we have at our disposal.

The Equalizer Committee

Have you ever wanted to work on a newspaper, magazine, or any other written communication? Do you like to edit articles? Do you like to write? If any of this appeals, come help produce our organization's main newsletter.

The Fundraising Committee

Its purpose is to raise funds for National through biannual Canada Helps fund raising campaigns, grants and sponsorships. If you have other ideas how we might raise funds, please join this committee.

The Information Technology Committee

Its purpose is to provide general technical support and training to AEBC and its members in order to ensure full participation in the work and activities of the organization.

The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship committee is responsible for the planning and execution of AEBC's annual scholarship program. Currently, the program solicits applications in the winter (with the application deadline set for the last Friday of March of each year), and delivers responses to candidates in late April or May.

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