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CBM v. 15 - Universal Design And Access

  1. Editorial in Search of Universal Design - John Rae
  2. Highlights of Recent Activities
  3. Nfb:ae's 2003 Conference a Big Success - Carole Robertson
  4. Accommodation Versus Normalization of Disability - Ray Barfitt
  5. Trust and Technology, The Key Enablers - Alan Breakspear
  6. Finding a Way Round Cyberspace: Carefully Designed Sites Are Essential For Disabled Internet Users-and Make Sound Economic Sense Anyway - Alan Cane
  7. Accessible Automated Banking Machines, Increasing Independence and Freedom of Choice - Marcia Cummings
  8. Let Your Text Do The Talking - Amy Vickers
  9. German Company Invents Talking Washing Machine
  10. Over There - Cathy Anne Murtha
  11. Textbook Woes Hamper Students With Low Vision - Helen Henderson
  12. Blind Students Can Succeed in Chemistry Classes - Cary Supalo
  13. Studying Abroad - Julie Sanfaçon
  14. Accommodating and Employing Students With Disabilities - Terri Hulett
  15. Blind Teen Makes History as Queen's Park Page - Richard Brennan
  16. Employment Equity Vital to Future Labour Market - Donna Scott
  17. Workplace Breakthroughs For The Blind: Technology Has Been a Serious Barrier in The Past Now It's Opening Opportunities in Some Key Ways - M. Corey Goldman
  18. Two Worlds Are Colliding: Social Policy Is Coming Up Against a Survival-of-The-Fittest Strategy - Andrew Jackson, Matthew Sanger
  19. Suffering in Poverty
  20. Improving Supports For People With Disabilities in Ontario - John Fraser
  21. Ottawa's Disabled Live in Poverty Report: Coalition Survey Finds 50% Live on Less Than $15,000 a Year, 'an Embarrassment to The Nation's Capital' - Jeff Esau
  22. Disabilities Supports Policy: a Blindness Perspective - John Rae
  23. Why Choose Co-Operative Housing as a Place to Live? - Tricia Morley
  24. Karl Marx and The Technology Gap - Kevin Carey
  25. Markham First in North America to Vote Online - Leslie Ferenc
  26. City to Offer Braille Ballots in Next Municipal Election - Shannon Boklaschuk
  27. Serving on a Criminal Court Jury With Slate and Stylus At The Ready - Oral O. Miller
  28. Via Asked For Answers on Access For Disabled: Safety of New Rail Cars Called Into Question Washrooms in 'crumple Zone,' Group Says - Kevin Mcgran
  29. Understanding and Reporting on Disability - Suzanne Levine
  30. Disabled See Increase in Sensitivity - Eric Volmers
  31. The Best and Worst: Some Journalists Get It, Others Miss The Point - Mary Johnson
  32. Check For The Checkered Eye - Libby Thaw
  33. International Corner: Still Cleaning Up After 25 Years: Vietnam Focuses on Landmines, Unexploded Ordnance & Rehabilitation of War-Related Disability - Kay Schriner (
  34. Parties' Web Sites Difficult For Disabled Users - Claire Stewart
  35. 2003 Agm President's Report: The Times They Are A-Changin' - John Rae
  36. 2003 Scholarship Winners
  37. 2003-04 NFB:AE Board of Directors
  38. New Resources
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