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CBM v. 24 - Independant Living

  1. Cover Page
  2. Editorial: Building An Inclusive and Accessible Canada - John Rae
  3. Declaration to Create An Inclusive and Accessible Canada
  4. First Human Rights Treaty of 21St Century For Disabled People
  5. Independent Living Movement: a Cross-Disability Perspective - Christine Malone
  6. "why We Meed An Enforceable Right to Independent Living" - Jane Campbell
  7. "we Are Not Sick; We Know What We Need" - Helen Henderson
  8. Boomers Are Renovating With "golden Years" in Mind - Vicky Sanderson
  9. Moving Experience - Pedro Arrais
  10. Assistive Devices in Sight For British Columbians - Linda Bartram
  11. Newer Vision Sought For Visually Impaired-Government Needs to Start Supporting Visually Impaired, Advocates Say - Amy Dove
  12. Confessions of a Sighted Cane Travel Instructor - Caroline Rivera Coon
  13. From Cane to Canine - Lynn Chu
  14. The Best Choice I Could Have Made - Anonymous
  15. Success in Education: Is Mainstreaming Always The Answer? - Anthony Tibbs
  16. Proponents Say The Decline in Braille Instruction Is Leading to Illiteracy - John Faherty
  17. Staying The Course-The Full-Time Job of Keeping a Full-Time Job - Kimberly Morrow
  18. Blind Leading The Sighted - R.U. Steinberg
  19. Determination Crystal Clear-Drive to Help People Pushes Calgary Caregiver to Triumph Over Own Disability - Todd Saelhof
  20. Finding a Home With Love-Adult Foster Care The Right Fit For Daughter With Special Needs - Amy Smith
  21. Parents With Disabled Children Need to Think Ahead - Meghan Cumby
  22. Early Childcare Techniques of One Blind Mother - Kathy Nessner-Filion
  23. Opening Up The World - Jo Dunaway
  24. Living With Multiple Disabilities - Carole Robertson
  25. Town Still Hasn't Grasped Issues of Accessibility - Michael and Doreen Yale
  26. Magic Train Chugs Along-The Lifeline Express, The World's First Hospital on a Train, Reaches Remote Twilight Zones Where a Doctor Is as Invisible as Hope - Tanaz K. Noble
  27. Tactile Guidance System Installed on Multi Rapid Transit to Help The Visually Handicapped - Nur Azira Aziz
  28. Lotos Works to Improve Access to Recent Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan For Azeri Citizens With Disabilities - Jennifer Geagan (, World Institute on Disability
  29. President's Report - John Rae
  30. Impressions of The Agm and My Stay in Kelowna - Judy Prociuk
  31. 2006-07 AEBC Board of Directors
  32. Highlights of Recent AEBC Activities
  33. New Resources