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CBM v. 32 - Celebrating 20 Years of Self-Advocacy

  1. Cover Material
  2. AEBC Information
  3. 2012 AGM Promotion
  4. President’s Contest/National Board of Directors
  5. Guest Editorial: Building an Active Canadian Organization - John Rae
  6. The Organizations That Tried: Predecessors of the AEBC - Dave Greenfield
  7. Beginnings: The Building of the AEBC - Dave Greenfield
  8. What’s in a Name? - Devon Wilkins
  9. Celebrating Our Chapters - Carole Robertson, Irene Lambert, Devon Wilkins, Marc Workman, Lisa Neufeld
  10. Dare to Dream - Deanna Ng, Marc Workman, Donna Jodhan
  11. In Memoriam: A Tribute to Past AEBC Activists - Sara Bennett
  12. John Southern: A Profile of Advocacy - Shelley Ann Morris
  13. Working on Issues Around the Globe: The World Blind Union - The World Blind Union
  14. The Language of Oppression - Monika Penner
  15. A Matter of Identity: Proving Who You Claim You Are - Beryl Williams, Brenda Cooke and Dave Greenfield
  16. The Changing Nature of Public Libraries - John Rae
  17. Access to Websites: The Golden Key to Communicating - Donna Jodhan
  18. Trends in Adaptive Technology: A Bird’s-Eye View - Sara Bennett
  19. A Snapshot of Descriptive Video in Canadian Broadcasting - Bev Milligan
  20. The Epidemic of Inaccessible Touch-Screen Point of Sale Devices - Jeffrey Stark
  21. In Search of Braille Product Labelling - Joan Yim
  22. The Changing Face of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Properties - John Rae
  23. Ruth Bieber and the Arts - Brenda Cooke
  24. Remembering Yin Ling Chu - Shelley Ann Morris
  25. Guide Dogging Through the Past 20 Years - Devon Wilkins
  26. Education: Past, Present and Future - Antonina Caruana
  27. The Challenges of Academic Research: A Conversation Between a Graduate Student and Her Advisor - Chelsea Mohler and Lisa Klinger
  28. Accessibility of Social Media for Students Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision - Natalie Martiniello, Jillian Budd, Mai N. Nguyen, Anthony Tibbs, Jennison Asuncion, Maria Barile, Rhonda Amsel, Chris Gaulin and Catherine Fichten Adaptech Research Network
  29. Past Scholarship Winners: Where Are They Now? - Peg Mercer, Kimberley Brownlee, Helen McFadyen
  30. Announcing the Winners of the 2011-12 AEBC Scholarship Awards - Rajesh Malik
  31. The Active Job Seeker in the 21st Century: Strategies for Success - Anu Pala
  32. Personal Reflections on the Cross-Disability Movement - Yvonne Peters
  33. Chronicling 30 Years of Achievements - April D'Aubin
  34. Pathways, Potholes, Paradoxes and Possibilities - John Rae
  35. New Resources - John Rae
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