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Star Wars Described

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Betty Nobel is the First Vice President of the NFB:AE. The article set out below represents Mrs. Nobel's impressions of the described video production of Star Wars which she saw in July, 1999.

Last July, I had the unique opportunity of going to a theatre in Seattle that had an open description of Star Wars. I was given a small box not much bigger than a cigarette package and a set of headphones. On the box was a volume control and the headphone jack. I used this piece of equipment to listen to an audio description of events which took place in the movie. As you may imagine, there was a lot of action in this movie. I am quite certain that if a friend had been describing what went on, he or she would not have been able to keep up. Star Wars was a fabulous movie, and the description was excellent! It is my understanding that only three theatres in the United States provide this service. Two things have to happen for this kind of movie description to work. The movie needs to be provided with the description done in advance, and the theatre has to have the right equipment for blind patrons to listen to the audio descriptions. It was well worth the trip to Seattle to enjoy Star Wars described. Let's hope that we may soon see availability of movie description done in this way in theatres in Canada.