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Canadian Blind Monitor, volume 9

  1. Editorial - John Rae
  2. The Canadian Blind Monitor Goes In-House - Robert J. Fenton
  3. The Importance of Change, Collaboration and Cooperation in Building a Consumer Movement
  4. Energy and Enthusiasm Pervade 2000 NFB:AE Conference - John Rae
  5. Convention Resolutions 2000 - Betty Nobel
  6. Alan Neville Retires - John Rae
  7. Biographies of The 2000-2001 NFB:AE Board of Directors
  8. Biographies of The 2000 NFB:AE Scholarship Winners
  9. The Swinging Pendulum - John Rae
  10. Advocacy: An Important Feature of Canadian Democracy - Yvonne Peters BA, BSW, LL.B.
  11. The Written Statement Preparing The Foundation of The Case - Robert J. Fenton
  12. Deaf-Blind and Dynamic a Profile of Kerry Wadman - Ing Wong
  13. Audio Atm Benefits The Blind - Tina Mintz
  14. A Politician Wanna Be - Ross Eadie
  15. Essex Produces Audio Ballots to Keep Blind Voters Informed - Zenaida Mendez, Staff Writer
  16. First Blind Player Wins Big on Jeopardy! - Tom Jackman
  17. New Crossing Signals Make Vancouver Debut - Kevin Griffin
  18. Equal Access to Books and Magazines One Step Closer to Reality - Neil Graham
  19. Library and Educational Support Services For Blind and Vision-Impaired Persons in The New Millennium - Paul E. Thiele
  20. Scholarship Information
  21. Pursuing The Press
  22. Yankee Stadium Case Clarifies Ada - Mark Hamblett
  23. In The Doghouse: Cabbie Fined For Refusing Canine Guide - Bill Kaufmann
  24. Bid to Put Guide Dog in Hold Made Master Feel Like Scum Cta Orders Policy Change - Jonathon Gatehouse
  25. Guide Dog Ban At Zoo Challenged: Policy Angers Blind Woman - Blair Anthony Robertson Bee, Staff Writer
  26. Daniel Wolak Has Been Blind From Birth.But That Hasn't Stopped Him From Seeing Things His Way. - Stephanie Nolen
  27. The Blind Lead The Sighted: Technology For People With Disabilities Finds a Broader Market - Eric A. Taub
  28. The Ultimate Computer - Wanda Fitzgerald
  29. NFB:AE Produces Blind Line Radio Program For Its Members - Robert J. Fenton
  30. In Memoriam-Elizabeth Coates - John Rae
  31. New Resources
  32. An Ontarians With Disabilities Act: a Recipe For a Barrier-Free Ontario
  33. Brief in Support of An Application to Amend Voiceprints Broadcasting License
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